St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Society

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Society

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus is a devotional and charitable Society that brings together Catholic men, women and children.
It is opened to all Catholic women both young and old, communicants and non-communicants who do not belong to any women group; and those who shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Society.

| Formation
The Society was founded in 2001 at the St. Dominic Catholic Church, Taifa. It started with an initial membership of fifteen (15) members which grown steadily over the years.

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus/St. Theresa of Lisieux /St. Theresa the Little flower

Feast Day
The Feast Day of the Society is 1st October. Special Novena Prayers begins nine (9) days before the Feast Day and ends on the vigil of the feast. (i.e. September 22nd to 30th).

Our Motto: Service to God and Mankind

| Aims & Objectives
The basic aim of the Society is to bring together all catholic women in Ghana and other parts of the world both communicants and non-communicants;

  • To obtain and maintain personal sanctification and advancement in spiritual life by following the footsteps of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus in her little ways of spiritual childhood;
  • To promote vocation and to aid in the sponsoring and maintenance of Seminarians and Aspirants;
  • To pray for Vocation and Missionaries;
  • To assists Parish Priests, Religious and the entire Roman Catholic Church, wherever, whenever and however possible for the greater glory of God;
  • To empower our women with skills through regular training programmes.

Every Sunday, excluding 1st Sunday of the Month